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LTO Ultrium8 IBM

Manufacturer: IBM

The IBM® LTO Ultrium 8 data cartridge (LTO 8) offers double the storage capacity of the previous generation for long-term data preservation and rapid, reliable access to data. The eighth generation of LTO Ultrium tape media delivers 12 TB native capacity and up to 30 TB of compressed capacity for even greater efficiency and performance. Purchasing LTO 8 data cartridges from IBM gives you peace of mind in sourcing media from a trusted, time-proven tape technology leader. Discover how the LT0 8 can help you manage explosive data growth, sustain rapid, reliable access to data and ensure business resilience.


Increase capacity and performance
Leverage 12 TB native capacity and up to 30 TB of compressed capacity for significantly greater efficiency and performance, and to reduce the number of cartridges, equipment, space and labor.

Reduce risk of data loss or corruption
Facilitate remote, offline data storage for superior protection from natural or man-made threats with tape cartridge portability.

Enhance data access
Allow users and applications to directly retrieve files from tape rather than rely on third-party applications. This improves data access and can reduce software licensing costs and dependencies.

Part Number 

Product   Carton  
01PL041 LTO8 tape cartridges      
(LTO Ultrium 8) 12 TB    
20 pieces
01PL041L LTO8 tape cartridges       
(LTO Ultrium 8) 12 TB labeled
20 pieces
01PL054 LTO8 tape cartridges      
(LTO Ultrium 8) 12 TB 20 pack
20 pieces
01PL042 LTO8 tape cartridges      
(LTO Ultrium 8) 12 TB WORM  
20 pieces

01pl042L LTO8 tape cartridges
(LTO Ultrium 8) 12 TB  WORM labeled 
20 pieces

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