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Company profile

DISKUS Polska is innovative and rapidly growing IT company, where the goal is to create comprehensive and advanced business solutions that guarantee the security of data storage, management, and removal.


Main activities:

STORAGE – we guarantee our comprehensive solutions for data archiving by only delivering reliable products and proven technology

SECURITY – we provide permanently erasing services from magnetic media.  Constantly development and fully professional attitude make us market leader in the field of safety data removal. As the only one company in Poland, we have ISO 9001:2008 certificate in degaussing and data removal from magnetic media. Find more information on our website  www.degauss.pl

DATA CENTER – experience, knowledge, and the trust of our customers have enabled us to become a significant Data Centre solution provider. We are able to complete the largest projects, and to incorporate the latest technology within them. Welcome to our website www.optimizeit.pl

We have grown rapidly, right from the start, ensuring our own products succeed in the national and international markets. Our knowledge, experience and market position is confirmed by numerous certificates and commendations, including: ISO 9001:2009,  Gepard Biznesu (Business Leopard), Przejrzysta Firma (Transparent Company), and Regionalny Lider Innowacji i Rozwoju (Regional Innovation and Development Leader).

We have a NATO Commercial and Governmental Entity (NCAGE) Code, which means that the application data od the products we manufacture or supply can be shared by the military logistic systems of countries using NCS, as well as by civilian market product purchasers.

We focus on expanding skills and continuous development, which has recently resulted in the introduction of Data Centre innovative products, the KoldBlox proprietary brand (www.koldblox.com), and the world’s first degausser based on PPMS (Pre-Paid Management System) technology (www.prodevice.eu).


We create company brand on two basic values: professionalism and Partner's trust. We declare environmental protection in the field of our activity. This element is so important as quality of our products and services and all combine in harmonic company management.



DISKUS Poland is a specialized distributor of the highest quality data carriers. The company’s offer encompasses the products of such manufacturers as: IBM, IMATION, Exabyte, HP, SONY, Sun Microsystems, Quantum.


All kinds of the following carriers are constantly available in sale: LTO, SDLT, DLT VS, DLT, VXA, 3592E, 3592, 3590E, 3590, 3490, Titannium (T10K), 9940,

9840, DDS, DAT, Mammoth, SLR, Travan, magnetic-optic disks and many other.


Moreover, the company offers the systems for storage, transport and localization of data carriers produced by such manufacturers as: EDP, Russ-Basset, Turtle-Case, DataGuard RF (systems based on RFID).


In the attempt aimed at the meeting its Partners’ needs, the Company set up the BuyBack Program, as part of which unused tapes of the best global brands are bought by the Company, from its Partners. DISKUS Polska specializes in the manufacturing of labels/bar codes for Tri-Optic data carriers. We proudly announce that the Company is the only partner of Tri-Optic on the territory of Central-Eastern Europe. It ensures the delivery of labels to any stipulated location within 24 hours from the moment of the placement of an order.


Moreover, the company also offers the possibility for the re-labelling of used carriers and cassettes purchased from other distributors. Upon a special enquiry of any Partner, The company also executes labelling as well as data carrier initialization processes.