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How to set a claim in DISKUS Polska?

Acceptance of complaint:

  • In DISKUS Polska company: the person who accept reclamation, give a customer evidence of reclamation, article is registered in complaint base
  • Transport/Courier: damaged media tapes are transported from customer seat to Diskus Polska company. In DISKUS Polska, the person responsible for this reclamation, send a customer evidence of reclamation by e-mail or fax


  • If we have article that is equivalent to previous one and reclamation is described according to procedures, article will be exchanged to new one
  • Until 4 weeks from reclamation date, article will be exchange for new one unless there are some technical circumstances
  • In case of larger amount of damaged media tapes, DISKUS Polska reserve the right to send them to laboratory to check if there were some circumstances, that cause damage

Pass the article:

  • In DISKUS Polska company: customer give reclamation evidence and take the article
  • Transport/Courier: article and documents are send by outside company

What you have to do before set a claim?

  • Detailed situation describe: what happen with damage media tapes
  • Error statement
  • In case of set a claim by end-user, there is necessary to indicate the purchase point