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Complex services of managing and reporting in Data Center

DISKUS Polska provides professional services in data center with outsourcing services. We take care of customer's IT environment...


Data Center Cleaning Services

DISKUS Polska provides professional Data Center cleaning services. Trust us and we take care of your Data Center...


KoldCheck™ - study of key conditions in DataCenter

KoldCheck diagnostic services allow you to regain control of your cooling environment by taking a closer look at your data center infrastructure. Based on the level of your needs, experts...


KoldProfile™ - study of cooling system in Data Center

Learn how to improve your IT equipment reliability and optimize your critical physical infrastructure in just 1 to 2 hours (depending on data center size)...


KoldSeminar™ - trainings about effective CPD cooling

KoldSeminar includes a data center profile, a cooling orientation, and practical solutions for high-density data center cooling issues...


KoldWorks™ - complete optimalisation services

KoldWorks™ is a suite of specialized engineering and educational services that enhance data center performance without additional capital investments...



KoldBlox CHAC

Manufacturer: KoldBlox

KoldBlox Cold/Hot Aisle Containment is a non-intrusive, bespoke retrofit to Data Centres, whereby the cold aisle is contained to maximise cooling efficiency...


dcTrack® - Data Center Infrastructure Management

Manufacturer: Raritan

DcTrack® is an award-winning, easy-to-use data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution that provides you with real-time information about your facilities, networks and IT...


KoldLok Integral Raised Floor Grommets

Manufacturer: Upsite Technologies

The KoldLok Integral raised-floor grommet is designed for new installations and fits into the raised-floor tiles prior to the installation of the cabinets...


Blanking panels KoldBlox

Manufacturer: KoldBlox

KoldBloxl blanking panels eliminate the unrestricted recirculation of hot air which is contributed to excessive hardware temperatures...


KoldBlox Thermal Shield- cold aisle containment curtains

Manufacturer: KoldBlox

Koldblox Curtain allows the containment of racks of any size along the cold or hot aisle. The curtain fits to any rack height and width and is easy to install especially in data centres...


Exagate SysGuard 6001

Manufacturer: Exagate

SysGuard 6001 allows you to monitor precious devices and areas such as system Rosom, servers, UPS and generators by giving alarm, manage the system and intervene the problem when necessary...


KoldBlox Cable Guard: Protective Matting for Cables

Manufacturer: KoldBlox

KoldBlox Cable Guard creates a high performance physical barrier that protects cables from protrusions, sharp edges, rough and uneven surfaces...


SL-350X Server Lifter

Manufacturer: ServerLIFT

The SL-350X manual ServerLIFT features the durable design you have come to expect from ServerLIFT, in a light-duty, lower cost unit for any data center...


KoldBlox one-punctual sucker

Manufacturer: KoldBlox

Punctual sucker for floor tiles it is handy sucker for lifting up floor tiles in uplifted floor tiles system...


KoldBlox two-punctual sucker

Manufacturer: KoldBlox

Punctual sucker for floor tiles it is handy sucker for lifting up floor tiles in uplifted floor tiles system...

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