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Data removal

DISKUS Polska offers two methods of effective data removal and deletion: hard (physical) method and soft (programme) method...


Renting ProDevice ASM120 degausser

Get no enough money for buying Degausser? If you rent our machine, you pay for erasing specified number of media...


Professional degauss consultancy

Why some institutions and companies struggle with a risk of data outflow? We make professional degauss consultancy to protect your data...


Media utilization and destroying

The service of physical media destruction encompasses each type of electronic information carriers (flash memory, hard drives, stream cassettes, audio/video cassettes)...



Prodevice ASM240 degausser

Manufacturer: ProDevice

The world's most powerwul degausser, which generates magnetic field of 20.000 (2T) Gauss, designed and manufactured in our modern R&D center.


Degausser ProDevice ASM120 PROFESSIONAL

Manufacturer: ProDevice

The world's first degausser based on the innovative PPMS technology...


ProDevice MMD360+ destroyer

Manufacturer: ProDevice

The Manual Media Destroyer ProDevice MMD360+ is the perfect solution to securely destroy all your 2,5” i 3’5” hard drives, SSD disks, tablets and cell phones...


Hard Drive Destroyer - Crunch 250

Manufacturer: Verity Systems

Hard Drive Destroyer and Solid State Destroyer...


Garner HD-3WXL degausser

Manufacturer: Garner Products

Degausser HD-3WXL is a follower of HD-3 model. Is the one of the most modern and efficient Garner solution...


Garner TS-1 Degausser

Manufacturer: Garner Products

The Garner TS-1 Data EliminatorTM, an NSA Evaluated Products List High Security Degausser, utilizes Garner's proven solid-state technology to provide a 20,000 gauss erasing field...


Garner PD-5 Hard Drive Destroyer

Manufacturer: Garner Products

Garner’s new PD-5 has very unique operation with its automatic High-Torque Sensor that allows the crushing wedge to move at high speed to the media...


HSM Powerline HDS 230 11,5x26mm

Manufacturer: HSM

The HSM Powerline HDS 230 hard drive shredder shreds digital and magnetic media into tiny particles, making recovery practically impossible...


DATACARE 2000 fireproof safe

Manufacturer: Phoenix Safe Company

Designed to meet the requirement of a large capacity fire protection unit for computer backup tapes and digital mediasuch as CD’s, DVD’s and memory sticks.


SISTEC / Lampertz safe DIS-DATA S14/SE14

Manufacturer: Orgami Sistec

Protection norms: S120 DIS due to EN 1047-1 ...

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