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IBM, Fujifilm tweak BaFe particles for record magnetic tape data density

A new dual-coat magnetic tape based on barium ferrite (BaFe) particles, developed by Fujifilm "in close collaboration" with IBM. The tape uses ultrafine perpendicularly-oriented BaFe magnetic medium without using expensive metal sputtering- or evaporation-coating methods. (Fujitsu separately described its contribution: A new dispersion material was used to control agglomeration of micrified particles; microparticulation of BaFe particles to 1600nm3  (about one-third the size of current metal particles), with uniform dispersion and uniform coating of super smooth thin magnetic layer, were achieved.)

Three new servo control technologies that increase by 25-fold the number of data tracks on a half-inch-wide tape: a new servo pattern to enable high-bandwidth nanometer-scale position information, a new method for detecting and decoding position information in the servo pattern, and state-space-based control concepts. Together these enable track-follow performance of <24nm standard deviation, and reduce track width to <0.45nm.