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3480/3490/3590/3590E Turtle Cases

Manufacturer: Turtle Case
Part Number: MAILER1
Capacity: 1 piece
Colour: red
Lenght: 15,06 cm
Width: 15,68 cm
Height: 4,39 cm
For: SD3 / 3480 / 3490E / 3590 / 3590E / 9840 / 9940/ 3592

MAILER1 Turtle Case
Part Number: TUR10
Capacity: 10 pieces
Colour: black
Lenght: 38,27 cm
Width: 16,31 cm
Height: 16,31 cm

There i salso special kind of this case, with additional antistatic layer.

TUR10 Turtle Case
Part Number: TUR20
Capacity: 20 pieces
Colour: red
Lenght: 39,90 cm
Width: 33,25 cm
Height: 15,06 cm

TUR20 Turtle Case


Main features:

  • double Wall Construction:

         – absorbs impact, reducing shock to the tapes
         – provides insulation against extreme temperatures

  • thermal isolation
  • high Density Material

        – tough and lightweight polyethylene
        – no rust, no sharp edges
        – excellent protection
        – low cost to transport
        –nNo moisture

  • vertical, upright positioning of media

        – prevents damage to the tapes
        – protects your data

  • recessed smooth grip handles

        – easy to carry, easy to stack

  • self locking, double-strong latches

        – safe & lockable for added security

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