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DATACARE 2000 fireproof safe

Manufacturer: Phoenix Safe Company


Designed to meet the requirement of a large capacity fire protection unit for computer backup tapes and digital mediasuch as CD’s, DVD’s and memory sticks. Suitable for use in residential or business premises.



  • FIRE PROTECTION (DATA) – Tested to SwedishNT Fire 017.
    DS2001 – 60dis standard, Providing 60 minutesfire protection for computer backup tapes.
    DS2002 – 90dis standard, providing 90 minutesfire protection for computer backup tapes.
    DS2003 – 120dis standard, providing 120minutes fire protection for computer backup tapes.
  • WATER RESISTANCE – Twin water resistant sealsprovide an airtight water resistant inner compartmentfor your computer media.
  • DROP TEST – Fire and impact tested from 9.1 metresfor resistance to the impact of falling through theburning floors of a building.
  • SPECIAL FEATURES – DS2002 and DS2003 arefitted with automatic slam shut locking. DS2001 issupplied with four internal key hooks and DS2002 issupplied with three.
  • LOCKING – DS2000K – Fitted with a high quality keylock supplied with two keys. DS2000E – Fitted withR3 high security and user friendly electronic lock withclear LED display. To further enhance security thelock also features dual control, hidden code andscrambled code.DS2000F – All the features of the R3 lock plus theadditional fingerprint lock option which can be used tostore up to 128 fingerprints and an internal alarm.
  • FITTINGS – DS2003 comes complete with two heightadjustable shelves and can also be fitted with pull outmedia trays as an optional extra.
  • COLOUR – Finished in a high quality scratch resistantpaint RAL9003 White.



       Model       External dimensions
Internal dimensions
 Door swing
H x W x D H x W x D
DS2001 K/E/F       420 x 350 x 430   220 x 155 x 200      305    43      7   1

DS2002 K/E/F

      600 x 470 x 470   380 x 245 x 195      541   93     18   2
DS2003 K/E/F       770 x 690 x 720   485 x 395 x 405      609   222
    77   2
Media drawers     60 x 370 x 397



                                                               DATA CAPACITY
LTO                                DAT                                DLT                      CD-ROM                  
DS2001 K/E/F 14 79 14 30
DS2002 K/E/F 30 224 30 57
DS2003 K/E/F 186 990 189 381
Media drawers 42 116 42 94

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