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Data Commander 4620 fireproof safe

Manufacturer: Phoenix Safe Company


Designed to meet the requirement of a large capacity fire protection unit for computer backup tapes and digital mediasuch as CD’s, DVD’s and memory sticks. Suitable for use in residential or business premises.



  • FIRE PROTECTION (DATA) – Tested to SwedishNT Fire 017 - 120dis standard, providing 120minutes fire protection for computer backup tapes.
  • WATER RESISTANCE – Twin water resistant sealsprovide an airtight water resistant inner compartmentfor your computer media.
  • DROP TEST – Fire and impact tested from 9.1 metresfor resistance to the impact of falling through theburning floors of a building.
  • SPECIAL FEATURES – DS4621 and DS4622 arefitted with automatic slam shut locking.
  • LOCKING – DS4620K– Fitted with a high quality keylock supplied with two keys. DS4620E– Fitted withR3 high security and user friendly electronic lock withclear LED display. To further enhance security the lockalso features dual control, hidden code and scrambledcode. DS4620F– All the features of the R3 lock plusthe additional fingerprint lock option which can be usedto store up to 128 fingerprints and an internal alarm.
  • FITTINGS –Each unit comes complete with heightadjustable shelves and pull out media tray.
  • COLOUR – Finished in a high quality scratch resistantpaint RAL9003 White.




       Model      External dimensions [mm]        
Internal dimensions [mm] Door swing
Shelves / drawers
H x W x D H x W x D
DS 4621 K/E/F       1160x 690 x 720   885 x 400 x 405      595    340      143   2/3


      1685 x 690 x 720   1410 x 400 x 405      595   480     228   2/5
      1685 x 1200 x720   1410 x 800* x 405      595   753
    457   3/10
Media drawers     60 x 370 x 397

* width comprises of two compartments each 395mm wide


                                                               Nośniki danych- pojemność
LTO                                DAT                                DLT                      CD-ROM                  
294 1044 294 470
462 1740 462 940
924 3480 924 1880
42 116 42 94




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