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VeriTape LTO Analyzer

Manufacturer: MP Tapes

The VeriTape® LTO Cartridge Quality Analyzer is the fastest and easiest way to determine the quality of an LTO cartridge before introducing it into your tape library. VeriTape scans the cartridge - and within 3 seconds you will know if the LTO tape is in very good, fair, poor or bad quality.

All LTO Cartridges contain an internal memory chip called Cartridge Memory (CM). This chip contains vital information about the cartridge. VeriTape reads this information and extracts it into special software with a clear and concise display.

Even new LTO tapes shipped from the manufacturer can incorporate errors from the manufacturing process. Save time, energy and money by scanning your LTO cartridges with VeriTape.

Identify Deteriorating Cartridges Before They Fail
Most systems identify defective cartridges after they fail. These cartridge failures can be disruptive and expensive. But with VeriTape you can monitor any cartridge and retire defective, damaged or aging cartridges before they fail - not afterwards.

Storing Mission Critical Data
When saving critical data to tape you must have complete confidence that your data can be recovered without problems. VeriTape enables you to identify and eliminate any cartridge that does not meet your standards.

Purchasing and Recycling Previously Used Cartridges
Recycling is a great idea to save both money and the environment - as long as the tape you're purchasing isn't defective, damaged, aged, or suffering from other types of bad quality. There is no way to judge the cartridge quality from the external appearance of the cartridge. VeriTape allows you to easily inspect the quality of the tape and get its complete history.

Interpreting VeriTape Data
It can be time consuming, tedious, and inconsistent to try to examine all the data in order to evaluate a cartridge. Not everyone may give each parameter the same weight. It is more helpful to create a single numerical score that is automatically and consistently calculated from all available data. VeriScore is a Tape Evaluation Score ranging from 0 (very bad) to 100 (very good). Within seconds you will learn if a used cartridge meets your standards.

VeriTape Analyzer

Easy To Use
VeriTape is approximately the same size as an LTO cartridge. Unlike an LTO tape drive, however, VeriTape does not need to thread the tape in order to access the CM. Just place the cartridge on top of the reader and the display immediately shows the relevant information. A locator feature in the frame matches a notch in the cartridge, thereby ensuring that the cartridge is always correctly oriented.


VeriTape Cartridge Screen
The display gives you the information you need. Values that are outside acceptable norms are highlighted in order of severity in yellow, orange, and red colors. VeriScore and Summary Information are shown at the top of the list. Below that are a list of "recent errors," or errors that occurred within the last four times the cartridge was loaded. Because of their importance they are displayed first and are weighted higher than other errors in calculating the cartridge's total VeriScore.


Veri Tape

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