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T10K / T10000 Sun StorageTek / Oracle

Manufacturer: Oracle

The Sun StorageTek T10K(T10000) tape cartridge works in tandem with the Sun StorageTek T10K(T10000) tape drive to address issues related to data growth, security, manageability, and cost. With 500-gigabyte capacity, this tape cartridge can store up to one terabyte of data to help you meet growing data storage requirements. Ultra-high capacity make it ideal for high-volume backup, archiving, and disaster recovery applications. A unique hub lock stabilizes media within the cartridge shell. A redesigned buckler mechanizm securely attaches the cartridge leader to the driver leader. A long tape path guides the media more accurately and reduces tension on the tape. Tension can reduce the life of heads and media. Data integrity is enhanced because the tape guides and rollers guide the media on its back side and do not contact the recording surface. The rollers also enhance stability by minimizing lateral tape motion.


T10000 Sun StorageTek features:

  • 240GB on Sport Cartridge and 1TB on standard Cartridge
  • enhance data protection with unigue hub-lock design and the StorageTek T10000 SafeGuide™ System
  • minimize tape mounts and improve automation efficiency with a low-cost-per-gigabyte, high-end, half-inch storage medium
  • reformat and reuse T10000 cartridges with the next-generation tape drive to take advantage of capacity and throughput improvements
  • data transfer: 120 MB/s (do 360MB/s po kompresji)
  • napęd jest wyposażony w sprzętowy mechanizm szyfrowania danych
  • Dual Head Technology
  • drives can be installed in StreamLine8500 and Powderhorn 9310 libraries and in L700 and L180
  • dimensions: height 2.54 cm, thickness 12.50 cm, width 10.90 cm
  • archiving life: 30 years

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