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VXA X23 Exabyte

Manufacturer: Exabyte

VXA X-Tape by Exabyte (inventor of VXA technology), characterize high capacity and durability. The solutions offered by VXA offer beneficial relation quality to price. Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME) technology that is used in VXA tapes production, has a lot of advantages in relation with carriers with Metal Particle (MP) technology.

VXA X23 Exabyte capacities:

  • 80 GB/160 GB in VXA-2 drive
  • 160 GB/320 GB in VXA-3 drive

VXA X23 Exabyte features:

  • AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated) technology
  • high reliability
  • IBM's lifetime limited warranty


Name Capacity for VXA-1 drive
Capacity for VXA-2 drive
111.00206  VXA X10 (107 m)  40 GB
(80 GB compressed)
 80 GB
(160 GB compressed)
10 PCE
111.00221  VXA X23 (230 m)  80 GB
(160 GB compressed)
 160 GB
(320 GB compressed)
10 PCE
111.00200  VXA X6 (62 m)  20 GB
(40 GB compressed)
 40 GB
(80 GB compressed)
10 PCE
111.00209  Cleaning Cartridge VXA     10 PCE
17743 Box Turtle Case
for 20-pieces VXA tapes
    1 piece
17760 Box Turtle Case Mailer for
DLT/LTO/DAT-VXA/optical tapes
    1 piece


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