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SDLT Imation Cleaning Cartridge

Manufacturer: Imation

The Imation Super DLT Cleaning Cartridge provides up to 20 cleanings and is compatible with all SDLT 220, SDLT 320, and SDLT 600 drives. Advanced Super DLTtape® technology enables efficient performance by alerting users when drive cleaning is required. Ensure efficient drive performance and optimum data protection by using Imation SDLT Cleaning Cartridges.

For optimal system performance, it's important that you make our easy-to-use cleaning cartridges part of your storage system protocol. The process takes just minutes to complete, and it's the best way to eliminate potentially harmful buildup on drive system heads. The SDLT drive will alert users when cleaning is required.


Name Min. amount Pack
 16332  SuperDLT Cleaning Cartridge
Tri-Optic labelled
 1 piece
 10 PCE
 17760  Box Turtle Case Mailer
for DLT/LTO/SDLT tapes
 1 piece
 1 piece
 41293  Box Turtle Case
  for 5-pieces DLT/SDLT tapes
 1 piece
 1 piece
 41143  Box Turtle Case
for 14-pieces DLT/SDLT tapes
 1 piece
 1 piece
 17742  Box Turtle Case
for 20-pieces DLT/SDLT tapes
 1 piece
 1 piece


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