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LTO Ultrium 5 IBM

Manufacturer: IBM


The evolution of LTO tape storage technology brings the IBM TotalStorage LTO 5 Ultrium.
The most important feature is extremely large storage capacity – up to 1.5TB native capacity, and up to 3.0TB compressed capacity (with 2:1 compression). This is 88% higher capacity in compare to previous tapes!
IBM LTO Ultrium Generation 5 media has been designed to deliver exceptional capacity and reliability – up to 3.0TB  capacity helps optimize your storage requirements by reducing cartridge handling, space and labor associated with tape based storage. The IBM TotalStorage LTO Ultrium 1.5TB Data Cartridge adheres to widely supported LTO Ultrium 5 design specifications. Count on the full array of smart storage solutions from IBM including LTO Ultrium 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Main features:

  • high-capacity and high-reliability; capacity of 1.5TB native, 3TB compressed
  • advanced partitioning – two media partitions allow for faster data access, combined with Lon Term File Systems, this is an enabler for specific applications such as digital video and archive systems
  • each cartridge is embedded with an LTO Cartridge Memory (LTO-CM), which enables fast, simultaneous transfer of cartridge-dependent data with IBM tape drives
  • cartridge available as Rewriteable or WORM, write once, read many
  • library Pack and RFID Label options available
  • burgundy color helps distinguish it from previous generations
  • dimensions are: width: 12,65 mm x girth: 6,4 µm x lenght: 846 m



Catalogue Numbers
Name Carton
46X1290  LTO5 (LTO Ultrium 5)
1,5 TB native capacity
 20 PCE
 46X6666 LTO5 (LTO Ultrium 5)
labelled Tri-Optic
 20 PCE
 27879  LTO5 (LTO Ultrium 5)
labelled RFID
 20 PCE
 46X2012 LTO5 (LTO Ultrium 5)
 20 PCE
 46X2013 LTO5 (Lto Ultrium 5)
LIBRARY PACK with label
 20 PCE
 27880 LTO5 (LTO Ultrium 5)
 20 PCE
 46X1292 LTO5 (Lto Ultrium 5)
 20 PCE
46X4444 LTO5 (LTO Ultrium 5)
  WORM labelled Tri-Optic
20 PCE
3589-8000 Jewel case
for LTO Ultrium
 17755   Turtle Case
for 5 pc LTO Ultrium
 1 PCE
 Turtle Case
for 20 pc  LTO Ultrium
 1 PCE

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