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LTO Ultrium 3 WORM IBM

Manufacturer: IBM

By combining high storage capacity (400GB native, 800GB physical capacity with 2:1 compression), performance, and reliability, the IBM TotalStorage LTO Ultrium WORM 400GB Data Cartridges continue the IBM focus on enhancing tape technology. These cartridges are part of a long line of IBM data cartridges that help provide quality and reliability for organizations around the world. LTO Ultrium 3 400/800GB WORM includes WORM technology.
Increasing cartridge capacity and performance can help reduce the amount of equipment, space and human intervention required for daily tape operations. In addition, reducing the number of cartridges needed for backup and restore operations can help lower operational costs throughout the enterprise.
As your storage needs grow, your data cartridge can continue providing value to help maximize your investment. Tape IBM LTO Ultrium 3 is designed to help reduce solution costs and improve space utilization.

Main features:

  • designed to provide performance, reliability and high capacity on a single cartridge for LTO® Generation 3-based storage environments
  • contains half-inch metal particle tape; cartridges feature a native data capacity of 400 GB and a compressed data capacity of 800 GB (2:1 compression)
  • the first tape of LTO Ultrium that includes WORM technology (write-once, read-many)
  • includes a Linear Tape-Open™ Cartridge Memory (LTO™ Cartridge Memory (LTO™ Cartridge Memory (LTO™ -CM) chip that contains cartridge specific information to communicate with Ultrium tape drives during loading/unloading via a radio frequency component 
  • compatible with tape’s drives all of three producer’s LTO Ultrium equipment - HP, IBM i Certance
  • tapes LTO Ultrium characterize high integrality, high vitality of save data and safety of storage data




400GB native capacity

 20 PCE
 95P2087 LTO3 WORM
labelled Tri-Optic
20 PCE
 3589-2920 LTO3 WORM
400GB native capacity - 20-pieces
 20 PCE
 3589-2820 LTO3 WORM
labelled Tri-Optic 20-pieces
 20 PCE
15849 Box
for LTO tape
 1 piece
 17760 Box Turtle Case Mailer
for DLT/LTO/SDLT tapes
1 piece
 17755  Box Turtle Case
for 5-pieces LTO tapes
1 piece
 42443  Box Turtle Case
for 20-pieces LTO tapes
1 piece


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