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LTO 4 Ultrium WORM Quantum

Manufacturer: Quantum

LTO Ultrium 4 Quantum it is another product of „Linear Tape-Open” technology. Has one of the most capacity among Quantum tapes. You do not have to worry about amount of data, that you want to write. LTO Ultrium 4 Quantum give you more opportunities.
Securing and archivizing data is still number one on priority list of IT managers. The problems are good defined and unchanged – the most import ant are: capacity, speed rate, access to data and relation above indicators to price. Lately, the most popular is LTO Ultrium standard. Present LTO Ultrium 4 Quantum, product of good quality and best technology.
LTO Ultrium 4 WORM Quantum offers new technology – WORM (Write Once – Read Many). After writing data on WORM tape, they can not be changed. Thats why it is ideal solution in process that requires keeping integrity. As storage administrators continue to seek more powerful tape performance, new technologies such as WORM (Write Once, Read Many) functionality can allow them to meet ever growing business and regulatory requirements.

Main features:

  • incredibly capacity: 800GB native capacity and 1,6TB compressed (with 2:1 compression)
  • WORM technology (Write Once – Read Many)
  • compatible with tape’s drives all of three producer’s LTO Ultrium equipment - HP, IBM and Certance
  • tape LTO Ultrium characterizes high vitality of save data and safety of storage data
  • provides proper capacity and reliability for Midrange and Enterprise environments



Name Pack Carton
 5 PCE
 20 PCE
800GB/1.6TB Tri-Optic labelled
 5 PCE
 20 PCE
 Box for
 LTO tape
 1 piece
1 piece
 17755  Turtle Case
for 5  LTO Ultrium tapes
 1 piece
 1 piece
 42443  Turtle Case
for 20 LTO Ultrium tapes
 1 piece
 1 piece


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