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Mediaeraser MD 103 degausser

Manufacturer: Mediarecovery

Degausser Mediarecovery MD103 enables fast, easy, and accurate data erasure from digital storage media.  New security and privacy mandates require complete erasure of media containing customer information and strategic data before disposal of media. Degaussing is the most reliable and quickest way of meeting these requirements.
The Degausser hardware differs in operation from data erasure software. The Degausser acccumulates electrical energy, transforms it into electromagnetic impulses and applies it to the inserted storage media. After being subjected to the Degausser the storage device is no longer usable and may be recycled according to the Waste Electrical Equipment Directive. What is more, the information previously stored on the device will have vanish irreversibly. Not even the most advanced data recovery laboratories will be able to recover any information from such media.


  • buick, safe and clear erasuring
  • user-friendly
  • lightweight, compact design

Technical specification:

  • power supply: 230V AC 50/60 Hz
  • processing time: 40sec. per one device
  • generated magnetic field: 9000 gausses
  • demagnetization system: capacity discharge system
  • operational temperature: 5-40 celsius degrees
  • ambient humidity: 10% - 40% without condensation
  • size: 449 x 305 x 132,5 mm (excluding handles)
  • maximum device size: 170 x 130 x 35 mm
  • types of storage devices: HDD 2,5', 3,5', DLT, LTO, 3490 tapes, and others
  • weight: 10 kg
  • warranty: 2 years
  • accessories: feeding cable, service manual
  • CE certificate

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