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Verity Systems V660 HDD Evo degausser

Manufacturer: Verity Systems

Think of all the information that could be on the PC’s hard drive: financial information, sales reports, client and personnel files and sensitive market and product information, in fact information that could be a security risk or commercially damaging if it got in to the wrong hands.
Any time you return a system or hard drive for repair, resell it, hand it down, discard it, or otherwise place it in someone else's hands, you're potentially giving that person access to everything on the drive, including files that you thought were deleted, reformatted, or overwritten.
There are several data based products on the market which overwrite the hard disk with a special format which makes data unreadable with varying degrees of security, which can be acceptable if you know where the hard disk or PC is going. However, some traditional erasure tools provide a false sense of security that your data is permanently erased and this method only works if the hard disk is working! Even if a hard drive breaks down, the storage platters inside will still contain information, which could be read once repaired.
The only solution that guarantees 100% data erasure is to use a degausser. The process of degaussing is achieved by passing the media, in this case the hard disk, through a powerful magnetic field, which rearranges the metallic particles, completely removing any resemblance of the original data. Even if the hard drive is not working, the degaussing process can be used to ensure that data contained is removed completely and cannot be recovered.
Verity System V660 HDD Evo degausser characterize high efficient, it is 70 disks per hour. There is possibility to turn on degausser by infrared pilot.

Media erased:

  • HDD disks 2,5' i 3,5' inch                           

Technical specification: 

  • power supply: 220/240v 50Hz
  • current rating: 9 amps
  • magnetic field: 6000 gauss
  • duty cycle: non-continuous
  • dimensions: height: 150mm, width: 420mm, depth: 480mm
  • weight: 35kg


  • 0 hard drives per hour

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