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EDP Extreme Media Storage

Manufacturer: EDP

The Extreme Density media storage system from EDP offers one of the highest storage capacities, of 3480/3590 type tapes, per square foot of any system on the market.
The system eliminates all unnecessary space between cartridges and vertically stores 8 levels of Auto-Extreme twenty pacs, as opposed to 6 in other systems. This equates to 1600 cartridges in six square feet!!


To increase storage capabilities further still, add optional slider units to the existing base racks, and see an increase of up to 80% capacity (depending on the configuration).

 Extreme Density Features & Specifications:

  • the Extreme Density system uses the Auto Extreme twenty Pac
  • base units are available as single-sided units for fitting against a wall or as double-sided units to create aisles
  • base & Slider units are available in widths of 2 and 5 pacs, and 8 pacs high
  • the standard spring-assisted brake system allows for smooth, easy operation and has adjustable tension for operator preference
  • an optional hydraulic brake system is also available. The slider becomes neutral at the end of a row. As a result there is no drag and the slider can be moved back in the opposite direction without any resistance.

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