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Exagate SysGuard 6001

Manufacturer: Exagate

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SysGuard 6001 allows you to monitor precious devices and areas such as system Rosom, servers, UPS and generators by giving alarm, manage the system and intervene the problem when necessary. Also it presents an opportunity to rekord all these processes.

Main features:

  • system monitors, warns and manages the following risks if necessary: Temperature, humidity, water and dust differences. Smoke, fire and intervention without permission. It measures the voltage, current and frequency of the network and UPS system, monitors the status of the UPS battery and it warns you in a critical situation
  • it has an IP-based monitoring unit, completely fulfills all monitoring functions with its sensors and modules mounted on the main unit
  • it conveys possible alarms by SMS, e-mail, WEB interfaces, LCD modules and signal tower, it can send SMS and e-mail alarms to predetermined multiple person
  • when minimum and maximum values introduced to the system exceed, it warns the units, which should be primarily informed, and allows for the intervention.

Available moduls:

  • SG 6010 – humid and temperature sensor
  • SG 6020 – temperature sensor
  • SG 6030 – water sensor
  • SG 6040 – VCF sensor
  • SG 6050 - UPS sensor
  • SG 6060 - LCD sensor
  • SG 6070 – expansion module
  • SG 6081 – dry contact module
  • SG 6090 – relay output module
  • SG 6100 – signal tower
  • GSM Module - information SMS module
  • E-MAIL Alarm - information e-mail module.

Additional products:

Smart Power 5001Smart Power 5001

Smart Power 5001can primarily manage all electrical devices in IT rooms. By SmartPower IP plugs placed in the cabinet, you can manage expensive and ciritical devices such as UPS, server, supplementary unit, router, modern. Maximum 10 additional units can be connected to the main unit thanks to the expansion method and you can turn on, manage and record maximum 80 electrical devices via single interface.

Smart Cabinet

Smart Cabinet ExagateMain features:

  • Measuring and reporting humidity and temperature of SmartCabinet
  • Opening the doors via interfaces
  • Keeping the records of the staff intervention to the system, retrospective reporting, and making documentation in excel format.


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