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Jackhammer™ model 0301 – hard drive destroyer

Manufacturer: SEM

Fast, safe and easy destruction of hard drives – hard drive destroyer Jackhammer by SEM (Security Engineered Machinery).
This slow speed, high torque shredder uses specially designed saw tooth hook cutters to chew up to 25 hard drives in a minute. The Jackhammer Hard Drive Shredder is also ideal for cell phones, BlackBerry's, optical media, memory sticks and similar electronic storage devices. A convenient discharge conveyor deposits waste into dumpsters, barrels or gaylords.
Jackhammer 0301 has a great destroying force, but is a compact size device; dimensions are: 54” weight x 50” height x 89” depth and feed opening: 10.75” x 2,5”.


  • quick
  • small
  • user-friendly
  • safe

Jackhammer 0301 has a certificate from National Security Agency. There is ready to use after using special key. Security Engineered Machinery is a leader in safety media and paper  destroying (number ISO: 14001) and has over 100 authorized centres around the world.

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