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Blancco SPARC Edition

Manufacturer: Blancco

Blancco SPARC Edition is a tailored data erasure solution for SPARC servers. High end SPARC servers are typically used by data centres and organisations with mass data needs such as Financial institutions using the SPARC architecture offered by companies such as Sun Microsystems.

  • extensive server support for high-speed, simultaneously erase data of up to 200 hard disks of any size per server
  • data cannot be recovered with any existing technology
  • once data is erased, automatically generates a detailed data erasure report with hardware IT asset management information
  • detects serial numbers for follow-up purposes


  • 100 % secure data destruction for high-end server
  • simultaneously erase data for up to 200+ hard drives (above 200 hard drives upon request)
  • fast data erasure for ATA, SATA, SCSI, FibreChannel and SAS hard drives
  • improved IT asset management with detailed hardware report information (i.e. processor, memory, hard drive etc)
  • enhanced security with password protection capability
  • standalone capability, functions without network

Key Features:

  • compliance with global security and privacy regulations - exposure to legal liabilities is mitigated
  • extensive reporting of the erasure process and hardware information - results for each individual drives
  • detects serial numbers for follow-up purposes
  • digitally protected erasure report with hardware asset management information (i.e. processor, memory, hard drive, etc.)
  • supports up to 200 IDE/ATA, SCSI, SATA, Fibre Channel, and SAS hard drives of any size
  • high-speed, simultaneous erasure
  • extensive SCSI and Fibre Channel host bus adapter support for connecting external hard drive enclosures for direct erasure
  • remapped sector erasure for ATA/SATA/SCSI/Fibre Channel hard drives
  • support for 512, 520, 524 and 528 sector sized hard drives
  • erasure and detection of locked/hidden sectors (DCO, HPA)
  • erasure and detection of remapped sectors
  • bypass of operating system (e.g. Solaris, Linux)
  • bad sector detection
  • user-defined erasure pattern
  • XML reports saved on USB

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