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actiLib Library 2U

Manufacturer: actidata

It is easy to install, user friendly and enables unattended backup to be configured. Its sleek 2U design not only fits in 19 inch rack systems...


actiLib Autoloader 1U

Manufacturer: actidata

The actiLib Autoloader is ideal as an entry-level automated backup solution for small and medium sized businesses...


actiNAS Cube 2U RDX

Manufacturer: actidata

A highly integrated NAS system with integrated automatic backup software and RDX® backup device...


StorageTek SL150 Modular Tape Library

Manufacturer: Oracle

Oracle's StorageTek SL150 modular tape library is the ideal backup and archive solution for growing businesses that value ease-of-use, seamless scalability, and low-cost......


actiNas Cube RDX®

Manufacturer: actidata

The compact and easy-to-use actiNAS Cube RDX® is equipped with an integrated actiDisk RDX® backup device...


The Nexsan E-Series™

Manufacturer: Imation

The Nexsan E-Series™ is an advanced SAN storage system for midsized organizations needing an extremely dense and highly reliable solution...


NST5000 Hybrid Storage Systems

Manufacturer: Imation

The Nexsan NST5000 is an advanced unified storage system offering NAS, iSCSI or both...


Assueron Archive Storage Systems

Manufacturer: Imation

The Nexsan Assureon™ is an archive system that is ideal for primary storage optimization, regulatory and corporate compliance, and the secure, long-term retention of files...


PetaSite ODA 30-Slot Library Master Unit ODSL30M

Manufacturer: SONY

The ODS-L30M is a 30-slot master library unit that forms the basis for the PetaSite Optical Disc Archive scalable library...


StrongBox: Solution for Unstructured Data

Manufacturer: Strongbox Data Solutions

StrongBox is a network-attached storage (NAS) appliance built to simplify data access and provide the most cost-effective storage for unstructured data...


StrongBox VM - software

Manufacturer: Strongbox Data Solutions

StrongBox VM (virtual machine) delivers all the power of our flagship StrongBox appliance without dedicated hardware...

Nexan's Transporter

Manufacturer: actidata

Nexsan Transporter delivers the cloud experience that employees want on private hardware appliances that companies own and control...


ADR1-1DVD Whirlwind tower 1 to 1 DVD-R CD/DVD

Manufacturer: ADR AG

Only the ADR CD copytower can also later be completed with the patented ADR robotics. With a magazine of 600 CDs/DVDs this robotics equips fully automatic your CD/DVD duplications tower...


ADR1-3DVD Whirlwind tower 1 to 3 DVD-R CD/DVD

Manufacturer: ADR AG

CD/DVD copy tower Whirlwind 1:3 is the CD/DVD copytower and can also be completed with patented ADR robotics...

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