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LTO Ultrium tape cases

Manufacturer: Turtle Case

LTO Ultrium tape cases by Turtle Case. Absorbs impact, reducing shock to the tapes. Patented impact resistant contours...


DataGauss degausser

Manufacturer: Verity Systems

The DataGauss is one of the most powerful, compact, continuous degaussers for Hard Drives and Backup Tapes in the VS Security Products range...


Garner HD-2 degausser

Manufacturer: Garner Products

The HD-2 is the newest and most innovative product in the Garner line of degaussers. The HD-2 erases hard drives (laptop, desktop and Network up to 1” high) and high coercivity tape media...


Kroll Ontrack DG 03 degausser

Manufacturer: Kroll Ontrack

Developed as a total data destruction solution for public and private sector organisations, Ontrack Eraser Degausser is an in-house, do-it-yourself service for large volumes of damaged...


Prodevice case for ASM120 degausser

Manufacturer: ProDevice

Prodevice case for ProDevice ASM120 degausser provide total protection to the equipment against dust, water, impacts and corrosion for chemical agents...


Mediaeraser MD 103 degausser

Manufacturer: Mediarecovery

Degausser Mediarecovery MD103 enables fast, easy, and accurate data erasure from digital storage media...


Verity Systems SV91M degausser

Manufacturer: Verity Systems

Verity Systems SV91M degausser is designed to erase a broad range of magnetic media...


Verity Systems V660 HDD Evo degausser

Manufacturer: Verity Systems

Verity System V660 HDD Evo degausser characterize high efficient, it is 70 disks per hour. There is possibility to turn on degausser by infrared pilot...


Automatic hard drive destroyer Garner PD-4

Manufacturer: Garner Products

The PD-4 physically destroys hard drives by bending, breaking and mangling the hard drive and its internal components including the data platters...


Jackhammer™ model 0301 – hard drive destroyer

Manufacturer: SEM

Fast, safe and easy destruction of hard drives – hard drive destroyer Jackhammer by SEM (Security Engineered Machinery)...


411.2 HSM Paper Shredders

Manufacturer: HSM

411.2 destroyer is economic solution for safe data desruction...


411OMDD HSM Paper Shredder

Manufacturer: HSM

411OMDD destroyer is economic solution for safe data desruction...


WipeMasster destroyer

Manufacturer: ICS

The unit supports sanitizing up to nine drives simultaneously at speeds exceeding 3GB/Min...


Blancco File Shredder

Manufacturer: Blancco

Designed for day-to-day use, Blancco File Shredder is easy to install with a user friendly interface to erase data and files on a personal computer...

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