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LTO Ultrium 2 IBM

Manufacturer: IBM

Tapes LTO Ultrium second generation offer higher capacity 200GB native and 400GB compressed capacity...


LTO Ultrium 1 IBM

Manufacturer: IBM

By combining extremely high storage capacity (100 GB native, 200 GB with 2:1 compression), performance, and reliability, IBM LTO Ultrium™ Data Cartridges continue the IBM...


LTO 4 Ultrium Sun StorageTek / Oracle

Manufacturer: Oracle

Modern tapes performanced by SUN StorageTek in LTO4 technology offer capacities that are till now reserved only for Enterprise’s drives and carriers...


LTO 4 Ultrium WORM Sun StorageTek / Oracle

Manufacturer: Oracle

The high capacity (up to 800 GB native) and solid durability of SUN StorageTek LTO Ultrium data cartridges help you economically meet ever-increasing data storage requirements....


LTO Cleaning IBM

Manufacturer: IBM

The IBM brand cleaning cartridges are specifically matched to the heads and tape path components used in IBM Ultrium tape products...


LTO 3 Ultrium Sun StorageTek / Oracle

Manufacturer: Oracle

LTO Ultrium 3 SUN StorageTek produced by SUN provides full data integrity and safety of saling data...


LTO 3 Ultrium WORM Sun StorageTek / Oracle

Manufacturer: Oracle

More work in short time? Recommend LTO SUN STK in LTO Ultrium driver – now operation on data can be done faster...


LTO Ultrium 2 Sun StorageTek / Oracle

Manufacturer: Oracle

Second generation LTO Ultrium SUN StorageTek provides good capacity in low price. The capacities are 200GB native and 400GB capacity. Characterize big durability...


LTO 1 Ultrium Sun StorageTek

Manufacturer: Oracle

The first generation LTO Ultrium SUN StorageTek offers reasonable capacities in low price...


LTO Ultrium Cleaning Tape Sun StorageTek / Oracle

Manufacturer: Oracle

Cleaning tape LTO ULTRIUM SUN StorageTek provides optimal head cleaning in Ultrium driver...


LTO Ultrium 5 Imation

Manufacturer: Imation

As a leading manufacturer of LTO generations 1, 2, 3 and 4, Imation expands on its tape media portfolio offering the next-generation Ultrium LTO 5 cartridge...


LTO Ultrium 5 WORM Imation

Manufacturer: Imation

Enhancements in servo technology and improved data compression ensure the same length of tape can store more information and is suited for backup, restore and archive applications...

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