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Prodevice ASM240 degausser

Manufacturer: ProDevice

The world's most powerwul degausser, which generates magnetic field of 20.000 (2T) Gauss, designed and manufactured in our modern R&D center.


Degausser ProDevice ASM120 PROFESSIONAL

Manufacturer: ProDevice

The world's first degausser based on the innovative PPMS technology...


Prodevice case for ASM120 degausser

Manufacturer: ProDevice

Prodevice case for ProDevice ASM120 degausser provide total protection to the equipment against dust, water, impacts and corrosion for chemical agents...


Garner HD-3WXL degausser

Manufacturer: Garner Products

Degausser HD-3WXL is a follower of HD-3 model. Is the one of the most modern and efficient Garner solution...


Garner HD-2 degausser

Manufacturer: Garner Products

The HD-2 is the newest and most innovative product in the Garner line of degaussers. The HD-2 erases hard drives (laptop, desktop and Network up to 1” high) and high coercivity tape media...


Garner TS-1 Degausser

Manufacturer: Garner Products

The Garner TS-1 Data EliminatorTM, an NSA Evaluated Products List High Security Degausser, utilizes Garner's proven solid-state technology to provide a 20,000 gauss erasing field...


DATAGONE Verity Systems degausser

Manufacturer: Verity Systems

The DATAGONE is a fully automatic degausser for Hard Drives and Backup tapes. It uses pulse discharge technology and is fully processor controlled which enables the DATAGONE...


DataGauss degausser

Manufacturer: Verity Systems

The DataGauss is one of the most powerful, compact, continuous degaussers for Hard Drives and Backup Tapes in the VS Security Products range...


Kroll Ontrack DG 03 degausser

Manufacturer: Kroll Ontrack

Developed as a total data destruction solution for public and private sector organisations, Ontrack Eraser Degausser is an in-house, do-it-yourself service for large volumes of damaged...


Mediaeraser MD 103 degausser

Manufacturer: Mediarecovery

Degausser Mediarecovery MD103 enables fast, easy, and accurate data erasure from digital storage media...