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Exagate SysGuard 6001

Manufacturer: Exagate

SysGuard 6001 allows you to monitor precious devices and areas such as system Rosom, servers, UPS and generators by giving alarm, manage the system and intervene the problem when necessary...


SysGuard 3001

Manufacturer: Exagate

A compact solution of SYSGuard Environment Monitoring and Management Systems, SYSGuard 3001, offers the monitoring of your critical and expensive equipment as well as entire server rooms...


Sysguard 2001

Manufacturer: Exagate

SYSGuard 2001 is the ideal solution for environmental monitoring and management of your computer rooms...


EMX - Smart Rack Controller

Manufacturer: Raritan

Raritan’s smart rack controller allows you to use any of Raritan’s sensors such as temperature and humidity, Raritan’s Power IQ® energy management software...


SYSGuard 6010 Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Manufacturer: Exagate

Do not allow the sudden humidity and temperature changes to affect the electrical and data infrastructures in your building and your most important devices like server, UPS and cabinets...


SYSGuard 6020 Temperature Sensor

Manufacturer: Exagate

The temperature changes are threaten your electrical and data infrastructure, and the most important devices of your system like server, UPS and cabinets...


SYSGuard 6030 Water Sensor

Manufacturer: Exagate

Detecting the punctual leakages only with water detectors in the regions where the expensive devices like electrical infrastructure and servers have been replaced does...


SYSGuard 6040 & 6043 Voltage, Current and Frequency Module

Manufacturer: Exagate

You can monitor the voltage, current and frequency values on your UPS and mains with SYSGuard 6040 serial...


SYSGuard 6060 LCD Module

Manufacturer: Exagate

Follow the data and alarms which the SYSGuard 6001 Main Unit detected over the LCD modules. Either the data control interfaces of SYSGuard has been turned on or off...


SYSGuard 6070 Expansion Module

Manufacturer: Exagate

By using the SYSGuard 6070 Expansion Module you can have more sensors and modules, and you can monitor or control more wider areas...


SYSGuard 6081 ve 6088 Dry Contact Module

Manufacturer: Exagate

With SYSGuard 6081 and 6088 Dry Contact Input Module, you can use external sensors, detectors, alarm and warning devices and you can bring the security of your buildings, rooms...


SYSGuard 6090 Relay Output Module

Manufacturer: Exagate

External devices can be connected to SYSGuard 6001 over SYSGuard 6090 Relay Output Module and they can be managed...


SYSGuard GSM Module

Manufacturer: Exagate

It is the SMS module. In case of alarm, it sends SMS messages to the pre-defined mobile telephone numbers...


SYSGuard E-Mail Alarm Module

Manufacturer: Exagate

It is not necessary to define an extra module or sensor for the e-mail alarm which is a built-in part of the system software...