NST5000 Hybrid Storage Systems Imation


The Nexsan NST5000 is an advanced unified storage system offering NAS, iSCSI or both. The NST5000 uses the Nexsan FASTier® technology to provide the speed of solid-state at the price of spinning disk. FASTier intelligently and automatically moves data through solid-state and spinning disk in-concert for up to 10X performance over traditional disk storage. The net result is a radical new cost-per-I/O to speed your virtual and cloud environments.
For high performance and high capacity NAS or iSCSI application requirements, Imation’s combination of solid-state accelerated SATA and SAS provides high IOPS with high capacity for file services and paradigm-shifting levels of storage price performance for server and desktop virtualization, databases and cloud computing. Your applications will run faster than ever on a system operating at the price of spinning disk.

The Nexsan NST5000 is fully featured with snapshots, replication, thin provisioning and more. Virtualized, online capacity expansion allows administrators to easily add capacity as needed without disruption to users or applications. A fault tolerant architecture combined with Imation’s legendary reliability ensures the ultimate in business continuity. The NST5000 with E-Series disk arrays provides unprecedented levels of power and space efficiency with up to 60 disks in 4U of space while consuming 85% less power when idle. The combination of all these features in a unified storage system is a true enterprise-level solution without the enterprise price.

Built with the time-constrained IT administrator in mind, a revolutionary GUI streamlines setup and management to ease the pain of mid-sized organizations challenged by storage complexity.

Key Benefits