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Data migration

Data migration service is dedicated for customers, who want to make data migration written on tapes the same technology to latter (for example LTO1 on LTO4) or from one technology to another (for example SLR to LTO). There is also possibility data migration in the same technology, but on new, not used carrier.

It doesn't matter what kind of system you have or in which environments use your carriers. We are ready to make any data migration, written on carriers. Our company has access to newest and older solutions like: Quantum, IBM, Sun Microsystems i Tandberg Data.


  • made in DISKUS seat or (when suitable conditions are fulfilled) in customer's seat
  • carrier's reception and transport from/to customer in special transportation cases designed for suitable carriers; any technology for backup: • Symantec, • TSM, • CA, • MS Windows
  • realization time depends on customer demands

Realization service/options:

  • arrival to customer and taking secure carriers in sealed migration containers
  • carriers transportation and make migration on new/current format demanded by client
  • after migration, carriers transportation to client
  • if you want to have full protection, there is possibility to ask bodyguard company

Procedure with old carriers:

  • carrier's formatting
  • make carrier's demagnetization and return to customers
  • make carrier's demagnetization and carrier's utilization, approved with certificate

Migracja danych taśmowych

Available formats of data migration:

  •  DDS/DAT
  • SLR/Magnus
  • LTO Ultrium (standard)
  • DLT/SuperDLT
  • DLT-VS, DLT S4 and others
  • VXA V, VXA X

The following formats available on the spot or at the customer seat:

  • 3480/3490
  • 3590/3590E
  • 3592/3592E
  • 9840/9940/T10000

Data migration service is dedicated for customers, who want make data migration (which are written on tapes the same technology) on latter or from one technology to another.



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