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Research results carried out by auditor's company brings one conclusion: companies should store data in reserve locations. But this is expensive process and a lot of companies don't afford to creating reserve Data Center, designed for data storage.

The are some economical reasons for backup. Companies don't want to invest in tape technology, they would rather commision external companies to make backup.

Backup is performed by DISKUS depends on customer's preferences – in customer seat or selected. It is very important, that data are in safe place, that is far away from company seat, and in breakdown case, can be accessible.

Backup are stored in fireproof safes in DISKUS Polska seat, and available only for qualified person. Backup are created on tapes and LTO drives, also on WORM types.

Service description:

  • performed in customer seat or (when proper conditions are fulfilled) in DISKUS Polska seat
  • applied technology: LTO Ultrium/or another according to customer request
  • receipt and transportation of backup from/to customer is with using special transportation cases; there is possibility to do it with bodyguard company
  • marked backup are stored in fireproof safes (with fireproof resistance: 120 minut)
  • contract is signed according to individual needs

Diskus offer backup and backup storage in reserve locations.

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