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Renting ProDevice ASM120 degausser

Try to imagine two situations:

1. Company introduced strict safety procedures - only workers, authorized and trained people could remove data from media tape. In this situation, there is no possibility to pass company area by unauthorized people or company, who offers data removal services.

2. Company has a lot of data media. That's why regularly should take care of safe data removal. But it is not profitable to pay every time to outsourcing company.

In both cases, the best solution is to buy or rent proffesional degausser ProDevice ASM120.

Important! If you rent our machine, you pay for erasing specified number of media. But if you really want degauss more tapes or disks, we could charge the device remotely for a specified number of data removal cycles. It is enabled by the innovative PPMS (Pre-Paid Management System) technology.


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ASM120 made by ProDevice is an automatic degausser generating magnetic field up to 11 000 Gauss. It guarantees completely safe and effective data removal from even highly coercive data storage devices. It can be used both in the case of removing data from functional and damaged magnetic tapes and disks.

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We provide professional service of renting ProDevice ASM120. Degausser based on innovative PPMS technology (Pre-Paid Management System): the degausser is rented and programmed with a pre-defined volume of data destruction and the renting company (using a special aplication) at any time can recharge the degausser for an additional, specified number storage device erasing cycles.

You pay for erasing specified number of media!


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