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Data Center Cleaning Services


Why DISKUS Polska?


Reduce risk of downtime and errors with our antistatic cleaning programs and reporting services

Our specialized cleaning services are performed while your data center is still running - so no downtime is required.
Our technicians are specifically trained to work in live data center environments according to industry and ISO Standard Protocol.
DataSpan understands that every facility has unique needs,  so we tailor our services to fit your company.

Customized Service Frequencies
Get the schedule you need without an up-charge. DataSpan doesn't charge extra for nights, weekends or holidays.
We provide schedules to compliment your workflow - from once a year to daily programs - Data Span has your solution.

Nationwide Discount Programs
Have multiple centers around the world? Allow DataSpan to create a standardized volume discount program to fit your needs.
Our multiple site programs ensure you have the same great  service, price and quality control with our easy 24 hour contact.

Free Environmental Reporting (with any service rendered)
Microscopic dust, contamination and static are destructive and cause downtime to sensitive air-cooled equipment.
DataSpan's trained crews must use specialized calibrated testing equipment   to understand your data center's contamination level and how our services affected the contamination.
Since it is also important for you to know our findings, our testing procedures (before and after our services are rendered) are provided in easy to read report to you.

Trained Technicians
There is more to data center cleaning than making something appear clean to the human eye - it must be proper to the microscopic level and tested to confirm accuracy.
Each employee attends comprehensive and ongoing training to ensure the strictest standards of excellence are upheld, and to stay informed on the latest in technology, equipment and              best practices for working in data centers.

The Right Chemicals
DataCleaningServices utilizes specially formulated anti-static chemicals designed specifically for data centers and their unique environment.
Some commercialized chemicals (who claim to be data center safe) actually create corrosion, residues, bio-burden, rust and static issues in a data center.

Certified Green Equipment
DataSpan utilizes anti-static, RF suppressed & certified GREEN equipment in all data centers.
Our equipment cleans microscopic particulate without emitting contamination into the environment.

Why do I need Data Center Cleaning?
 Data Center Threats.
In this section are a few of the hundreds of factors that can cause downtime to your data center or critical environment.

Janitorial and In-HouSE Cleaning
Using janitorial companies (instead of critical environment cleaners) to clean a tech environment is dangerous, and presents many risks to your data center. Common risk factors are: non-ISO procedures, dangerous equipment, wrong chemicals, untrained/undeducated laborers, questionable security Practices, and improper insurance - all of which leave your company open to major losses if downtime occurs.

Electrostatic Discharge and Dust hazards
Electrostatic dust can cause downtime or fire damage to a server. As little as 250 volts of static electricity can cause data memory loss, resets, erroneous commands and damage to sensitive micro circuitry. Cement dust and silicate dust from unsealed or improperly sealed subfloors, exposed drywall, and print operations all pose significant risks as well.

Over-humidity and Rust
Improper cleaning chemicals, over-humidification, and spills/leaks leads to the formation of rust particles in the data centers. Rust particulate easily becomes airborne, allowing this conductive metal to contaminate sensitive electronic equipment and can cause downtime to servers and other sensitive equipment in a data center.
Food. Insects and Rodents
Live contaminants are attracted to dark subfloors and warm operating equipment - and they can wreak havoc with electronic equipment.


Typical Contaminants That Can E Dust 1.0-10 Microns II Cause Downtime to Circuit Boards:

  • Tobacco Smoke
  • Fumes
  • Dust
  • Hair
  • Mists
  • Pollen


Our services:

Sub-Floor Cleaning
Prevent unwanted dust and dirt below your raised-floor from contaminating your air-cooled equipment.

Sub-Floor Deck Seal
Prevent clogging, contamination and damage to equipment caused by harmful concrete floor dust particles entering your sub-floor cooling system with a sub-floor deck seal - the most effective method of protection available.

Equipment and Above-Floor Cleaning
Prevent equipment shutdowns caused by static electricity and airborne particles. Our staff specializes in anti-static cleaning and restoration of access floors, VCT surfaces and ESD flooring for all types of Datacenters.

Floor Cleaning
Reduce dust-fallout and penetration of Datacenter contaminants. Our specialists eliminate the contaminants above your facility with the specialized filter systems of HEPA/ULPA vacuums.

Zinc Whisker Remediation
Remove zinc whiskers and protect your facility from the cataclysmic events and downtime caused by this unique contamination. Our services properly identify and confirm zinc presence and
effectively remove the contamination without harming equipment or employee health; ensuring safe uptime for your data center.

Exterior Equipment Cleaning

Interior Equipment Cleaning

Above-Ceiling Cleaning
Reduce dust-fallout and penetration of Datacenter contaminants.
Our specialists eliminate the contaminants above your facilities equipment with the specialized equipment and protocol.

Environmental Consulting, Audits and Reporting
Ensure your Datacenter is free of zinc whiskers, ferrous metals, static charged dust and other destructive contaminants. We inspect cooling, air flow levels (CFD) and thoroughly test to detect harmful residues or the presence of any other contaminants. This process results in critical baseline data that allows you to measure your Datacenter effectively. Our consulting programs
confirm OSHA, equipment warranty and IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) compliance. We design comprehensive environmental monitoring plans according to federal and ISO standards, customized for your unique space and ongoing maintenance needs.

Disaster Recovery Services

Recover from damage due to smoke, fire or water, as we help you bring your critical systems back online and restore media and the readability of your data. We provide services to properly and promptly remove water and mud, plus dry your equipment and floors and replace floor tiles as necessary.

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